Thursday, 22 May 2014

Evaluation ougd603

Throughout this year I feel like I have developed many skills. I feel that I am more confident to go with ideas that allow me to develop an innovative concept. I have developed craft skills as this year I have made physical items for most of my projects which is something that I have often struggled with in previous years. I have also developed my presentation skills of both sorts. I feel comfortable giving presentations and talking clearly about my work now which is again something that I have struggled with. The other sort of presentation that I have improved is the presentation of my work. Last year I would just take photos on my iPhone or a rubbish camera with no lighting and just make do with the images. This year however I feel very passionate about showing my work off in the best way possible which is often through decent photographs. 

I have developed many new approaches to methods and idea generation this year and that is due to my COP3 topic of creativity and the brain. Through that module I was able to research into many different ways in generating ideas from small everyday approaches like mixing up daily routine or doing a mundane task like washing up to help you generate an idea, to more thorough and design oriented methods of idea generation like what they use at IDEO where there is a process. From gaining these skills and learning about the brain I feel like I am more self aware when it comes to generating ideas and it is less sporadic. This has been helpful in 603 as it has allowed me to escape any brain blocks or hitting any walls which has allowed my design process to flow quite nicely. 

This year has been very enjoyable as it has allowed me to develop and explore briefs that are of interest to me but also delve into live brief and client lead briefs. I have really enjoyed that I have been able to push briefs and develop them due to time. I feel a strength of mine this year has been concept awareness and development and also problem solving. I look forward to trying to solve problems and solve briefs through the use of clever concepts. Design that causes a reaction or makes you notice things is always exciting and I feel some of my briefs this year have achieve that. I have made sure that every brief I have undertaken has been laced with a thorough concept as I feel it is very important to design for a purpose and not just create something because it looks good or is on trend. I feel I am aware of the audience and context more this year which is a good things as it is extremely important.

My weaknesses this year have sadly been the ones that have haunted me all of this degree, it is my organisation, documentation and time management when it comes to blogging. I feel like I have done so much developmental work and experimentations that when it comes to blogging I don't know where to start. The same goes for research, and so I leave bits out which I am now regretting as I should have shown how my projects grew in more detail. I have been using other site to organise my research and thoughts when in hindsight I should have just uploaded it straight to blogger and been done with it. That is what I would do if I was to re do it.

I have learnt copius amounts this year and developed some really great working relationships. I feel comfortable talking about my works and presenting in the the form of pitches. It has all come together in the last few month and I now feel like I am ready to leave uni and go into the real world although I do think there is a lot more for me to learn I am excited to get on with it.

Attendance - 5
Punctuality - 5
Motivation - 5
Commitment - 5
Quantity or work produced - 4
Quality of work produced - 4

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